Jerusalem (One Volume Hardback Edition)

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Alan Moore – writer of Watchmen, From Hell, The League of Ordinary Gentlemen and V for Vendetta – pens a grandiose tome about his place of birth of Northampton, employing an extremely wide number of styles, including a poem and a play.

In the half a square mile of decay and demolition that used to be England’s Saxon capital, eternity is loitering between the firetrap tower blocks. Embedded in the grubby amber of the district’s narrative among its saints, kings, prostitutes, and derelicts a different roughly human time is occurring.

An opulent mythology for those with no pot to p*ss in, through the labyrinthine streets and pages of JERUSALEM tread ghosts that sing of wealth and poverty; of Africa, and hymns, and our threadbare millennium. They discuss English as a visionary language from John Bunyan to James Joyce, hold forth at the illusion of mortality post-Einstein and insist upon the meanest slum as Blake’s eternal holy city.

Fierce in its imagining and stupefying in its scope, JERUSALEM is the tale of the whole thing, told from a vanished gutter.

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