THREAD IT Facial Hair Remover

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Step 1: Hold ‘Thread It’ by its handles in both the hands and bend into an inverted ‘U’ shape.

Step 2: Place ‘Thread It’ on your face where there is hair and rotate the handles inwards. The hair gets stuck in the specially engineered precision coils of the spring and is pulled from the roots.

Step 3:Rotate the handles outwards.

Step 4: Keep rotating handles inwards and outwards in a continuous fashion even as moving ‘Thread It’ up and down in the areas where there is facial hair. Please repeat the action in the same area on face until all hair is got rid of from there.
Thread It’ is the very best and simplest tool for disposing of unwanted facial hair without any side affects. It offers you a clean and feminine look increasing your confidence where ever you go.
1. You’ll be able to carry it whereever you go. It, nicely, fits into your backpocket or purse.
1. You’ll be able to use it whenever you need. You’ll be able to use it as soon as you see a little hair regrowth. So there is no wish to wait for the next parlor session to do away with facial hair.
1. You’ll be able to reuse it any number of times.
1. You’ll be able to use it yourself and it is easy to use. There’s no dependency on any other person.

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