Premiere (Strathmore 300) Smooth Comic Book Art Boards

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Premiere 300 Series Full Trim Format 12 smooth-surface pages (11 x17) per pack with 15 Ÿ x 10 3/8 image borders with 9 x 13 Ÿ secure dotted border area/bagged. Premiere300 Strathmore Series is a 100lbs paper preprinted with a non-photo blue border that may be the trademark of all Blue Line Pro boards. This allows the artist to attract comics the true size that professionals do. Professionals draw their illustrations larger then they appear within the finished product.. This helps minimize mistakes. The principle good thing about Strathmore is its 100% acid free feature. This prevents the signs of aging such as yellowing. Premiere 300 Series Comic Book Boards serves as the premiere economic heavyweight paper for the Strathmore series. The smooth surface offers the artist a possibility for more precise and cleaner lines and is ideal for pen ink work in addition to pencil and marker.
For Drawing Inside Pages of a Comic Book!
Professional Comic Book Art Boards
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