Follow up leads to resumption of road work

The recently repaired drainage pipeline at Kunal icon road is causing major problems for commuters. After Corporator shatrughna Kate’s regular follow up, road work from Shivar Chowk to Kunal Icon Road is temporily repaired for better transportation from today. He also said, “ Within a few days, after the construction of Pipleline, the road should […]

Drinking Water Crisis: Yere Yere Pausa – Tula Deto Paisa – Paus Ala Chota Tras Zhala Motha

Just read this TOI article on the water challenge we are likely to have in the future (By 2050, you may have to live on imported water via @timesofindia) Going by my favourite childhood marathi rhyme, every rainy season i still hum “Yere Yere Pausa, Tula Deto Paisa, Paus Ala Motha, Paisa Zhala Khota”. […]