Leon Orbit Society, Rahatani -2018

Leon Orbit Society, Rahatani -2018

Leon Orbit Society, Rahatani-2018

Name – Vishal Datta

Address – Leon Orbit Society, Rahatani

Theme – Leon -A’Fair (Mela)

This year’s Leon Orbit decor depicts a Fair (Mela) called Leon -A’Fair. Residents have come together and have made working models of rides that are found in a fair / amusement park. All the items are eco-friendly including Bappa’s idol.

Message that we are trying pass on is the Life is like a Fun Fair and should be enjoyed that way.

There will be highs and lows, joys and sorrows and nothing is permanent.

Leon Orbit Society, Rahatani -2018 | leon orbit society, rahatani Ganesha Photo Contest 1 winner Leon Orbit Society, Rahatani -2018 | leon orbit society, rahatani

The video of entire set up is uploaded on YouTube at this link-

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