Start: 11th February 2021
7:00 pm
End: 25th February 2021
8:00 pm

Event Venue


GPS: 18.5204303, 73.8567437

Bollywood Dance for Senior kids- HobbyStation in Pune

Are your kids bored and slouching all day long at home?

Get them moving to amazing Bollywood songs with our exciting choreographies!

Bollywood dance evokes emotions, expressions, fun and excitement! It’s a dance straight from the heart. This style is ever-evolving and ever-expanding, so the exploration never ends! When your child joins a Bollywood Dance Class, they not only get introduced to amazing varieties of dance forms like semi-classical, pop, jazz, contemporary to name a few, they also learn about facial expressions and acting. At the same time, they meet their daily requirement of exercise, build muscle tone, increase stamina and develop excellent posture from a very young age!

Skills: Cardiovascular Endurance; Bodily Coordination; Balance; Flexibility; Memory; Teamwork

Batch strength: 10 kids per batch only

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