Start: 13th June 2020
5:00 pm
End: 13th June 2020
9:00 pm

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pune india

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CP-SAT (Java) Instructor Led Online Program

nstructor Led Online Selenium 3.0 program – BE A CP-SAT (Weekends Only)

About the Program

Agile Testing Alliance (ATA) is proud to announce Selenium 3.0 Instructor led online program. This is our way to get many manual testers move into automation at a pace everyone can handle. We have been able to not only train people in selenium but help them clear the only globally recognized certificate CP-SAT (Certified Professional Selenium Automation Testing). To read more about CP-SAT please visit the following URL’s

Timings : 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (IST)

Date: 13th June – 5th July (Weekends only)

Days: Saturday and Sunday

  • Week 1 : 13th, 14th June
  • Week 2 : 20th, 21st June
  • Week 3 : 4th, 5th July
Fees: ₹12,500/-

Note : No sessions on 27th and 28th June since #doppa2020 is scheduled on that weekend. To know more about #doppa2020, please check :

Please note :

Once the course is completed, the examination must be appeared within 15 working days (This does not include Saturday and Sunday). Failing to do so will be considered as 1 failed attempt by Agile Testing Alliance.

Mock Examinations for CP-SAT can be downloaded from the following URL :

If you are an Selenium expert and would like to become a CP-SAT Licensed Trainer, Kindly get in touch with us

Benefits of the Program

  1. Only program which helps and enables you to not only learn Selenium 3.0 but also prepares you to appear for the CP-SAT certification.
  2. Only program which gives you practice for appearing and clearing CP-SAT by giving you Mock exams for CP-SAT
  3. Only program where the Instructors are not only practitioners but licensed CPSAT Trainers from Agile Testing Alliance
  4. Only program which gives you continuous support in terms of not only recorded sessions but also the following
  • Life time access to online learning program on CP-SAT
  • Mentorship and Career guidance at any point of life
  • Access to job requirements through our ATA Community groups.
  • Access to ATA meetups and thought leadership

Curriculum : 24 hrs

Please note : Java is the prerequisite for this program. 

Selenium Fundamentals

  • Selenium history and overview
  • Selenium components – IDE, Server, Grid
  • Selenium IDE Test Cases and Test Suites
  • Actions, Assertions and Accesors in Selenese

Concept of DOM and Webtables

  • Selenium Locator Strategies
  • Locator and DOM related tools
  • Structure dependent and attributes based locators

Selenium Webdriver – Introduction

  • Concept of WebDriver, Web element and By
  • Difference Between RC and WebDriver
  • Installing and Configuring Selenium WebDriver in Eclipse
  • Automating Firefox, IE and Chrome browsers


  • Introduction to Junit
  • Creating tests in Junit
  • Creating Suites in Junit
  • Assertions in Junit

Automating Applications

  • Synchronization – Implicit and explicit waits
  • Parameterizing Tests
  • Handle basic and advance html elements- form elements, table, frame
  • Handle alerts, popups
  • Keyboard and mouse actions
  • Controlling browser attributes and navigation


  • Setting testng in eclipse
  • Creating testng tests
  • Parameterizing testng test
  • TestNg features and annotations
  • TestNG Test Suites
  • Testng Reports

Framework Concepts

  • Page Factory and POM for better maintenance and reusability
  • Data Driven frameworks using Excel
  • Logging Components
  • Hybrid Framework
  • Keyword driven framework

Selenium Grid

  • Setup the Hub server
  • Register the WebDriver Nodes and legacy RC nodes to the Hub server
  • Parameterize the tests to run on various nodes
  • Override the default parameters on the nodes

Selenium in CI/CD

  • Concept of CI/CD, Automating the Automation
  • Working with Maven
  • Working with Jenkins

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