Start: 20th February 2021
6:00 pm
End: 20th February 2021
7:15 pm

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GPS: 18.5204303, 73.8567437

Let’s Live: Learning to Concentrate (One of Four in the Series) in Pune

‘Let’s Live: Learning to Concentrate’ is part of an online Book Reading series. You’re invited to all four or any of them as you prefer.

About this Event

In the book ‘Concentration & Inner Awakening’, author Fernand Schwarz shares a roadmap on how we can develop the art of concentration. Our mind is constantly racing at lightning speed, thinking of the future, replaying events of the past, jumping from one thing to another, making concentration a challenge. Based on a painting drawn by a learned Lama, the book shares some practical tools to tame the confused mind, and tips to develop self-control. Join us as we read from this book together, and extract learnings from ancient Tibetan wisdom.

This Event is a part of ‘Let’s Live: The Timeless Treasures’ Series.

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