Start: 17th April 2021
5:30 pm
End: 18th April 2021
11:00 pm

Event Venue


GPS: 18.5204303, 73.8567437

To the center of Galaxy – A Star Party by nisargshala

Highlights of this star gazing party

See the center of our Milky Way Galaxy with our naked eyes, Learn in details about galaxies and black holes.

Conjunction of our Moon and Mars in the evening sky

Necklace of the sky – आकाशाची मोतीमाळ
 Viewing double star in Ursa Major from Telescope – अरुंधती वसिष्ट
Expect few meteors ie shooting stars from Virginids and Lyrid meteor showers
Identify Hydra constellation
See opposition of Ursa major and Cassiopeia early hours of dawn
See galactic center of Milkyway
Learn about ज्येष्ठा नक्षत्र
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