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Freewings Preschool / Daycare : Welcome to the place of Fun & Freedom

Freewings is a preschool venture established in the year 2014 to embrace the challenges in the area of child education & development. We are committed to cater the growing needs of children. We have adopted revolutionary teaching & learning methods that keep children engaged and motivated. Children’s intellectual | physical & social aspects are so cultivated as to build them for tomorrow’s challenges. Our venture has always dedicated its efforts for the development of children. We are the only Preschool / Daycare in Rahatani | Pimple Saudagar | which has an open playground | where kids bask in the sun and start their day with good exposure to light healthy sun rays | a good shot of vitamin D for your child.

Early childhood education is the joy of discovering the outside world of learning | to venture out from the cocoon of the mother’s protective care. It is to unravel the mysteries of sounds and shapes | colours and textures | letters and numbers | which will enrich a child’s experience.

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Our qualified and trained teachers efficiently use the right equipment and tools to enhance the all round development of every child | recognizing his or her individual talents and needs.

We | at Freewings Preschool | propose to nurture children at this tender age with a judicious mixture of free activity and discipline | which will help them develop physical | social | emotional and cognitive skills and encourage a healthy growth of their personality.

Why Freewings PreSchool

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Involving & Engaging Faculties: Our involving faculties always keep your kids active. Their engaging natures make them best buddies of your kids. Faculty at FreeWings is trained with special courses like Teacher Training Course (TTC) & Early Childhood Education (ECE). Your kids are no more out of their homes. Scientifically Designed Programs: We have consulted with many experts in child education & development area while designing the kids programs. Their age groups | emotional requirements | habits & moods are taken under consideration to finalize the programs. Each program contains perfect contents at the right time for your kids.


Activities at Freewings Preschool is a true fun experience

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Dance is an activity which everyone loves to do. When it comes to kids | they are so enthusiastic. We have a facility for dance classes. We conduct regular dance competitions to encourage kids’ dancing skills.

Abacus techniques are the proven & best way to perform faster calculations. Our Abacus classes will let your kids to solve the math related problems in a simple yet entertaining way.

Singing is a way to express the feelings. It makes one feel happy when he / she sings her favourite song. Full of fun & zeal is obvious when kids sing with their buddy teachers. A truly must have activity for your kids at FreeWings.

Kinder-Music It’s their favourite stuff but need to be served in their own fashion. We have instruments like guitar | piano | drum & even more for them. Our music teachers are so keen to understand individual

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freewings Rahatani | Pimple Saudagar brighter interior

interests. Your kids will definitely love to have some hands over the drum | guitar & piano.

Karate Karate is a Japanese martial art whose physical aspects seek the development of defensive and counter-attacking body movements. The themes of traditional karate training are fighting and self-defence | though its mental and moral aspects target the overall improvement of the individual. This is facilitated by the discipline and persistent effort required in training.

Maths Vedic math’s has been invented by Bharati Krishna Tirthaji in 1911-18 and was first published in 1965 and has sixteen sutras. At FreeWings | we provide students the knowledge related to Vedic math’s so that they can perform arithmetic operation speedily. We have expertise in the Vedic math’s which will guide students and will teach from the start.

All this and more activities that comes as part of this holistic overall child development that this Preschool | Daycare in Rahatani | Pimple Saudagar – Freewings.

Programs @ Freewings PreSchool:

Play Group The age of 1.8 to 3 years is the phase of child’s life where he/ she tries to grab language | signs & symbols | recognize figures. Our trained faculties make sure that your kid is not only doing great in that but also help them to acquire courage to voluntarily participate in each activity. The faculties which emotionally connect to this age group make it possible to feel your kids like a second home. We offer the Best Playgroup in Rahatani | Pimple Saudagar


freewings-nursery Preschool, Daycare in Rahatani, Pimple Saudagar – FreeWings | preschool, daycare in rahatani, pimple saudagar


Nursery In this phase | kids are eager to understand different things like writing | arithmetic | social skills and much more. We have well experienced staff who will teach to children these things by their own pace. Apart from education | this age group also wants to deal in different activities like singing | dancing etc. Freewings Preschool also serves these facilities. We offer the Best Nursery facility in Rahatani | Pimple Saudagar

freewings-jrkg Preschool, Daycare in Rahatani, Pimple Saudagar – FreeWings | preschool, daycare in rahatani, pimple saudagar


Jr. KG Kids at the age of 4 to 5 are able to communicate with others for their basic needs; they try to sing & dance | play energetically and thereby start making friends. We are there for your kid’s each & every growing need at this age. Faculties sing | dance & play with kids to encourage & cultivate their hidden talents. Free Wings offers the Best KG Preschool in Rahatani | Pimple Saudagar


freewings-snrkg Preschool, Daycare in Rahatani, Pimple Saudagar – FreeWings | preschool, daycare in rahatani, pimple saudagar


Sr. KG This is the time when your kids need to prepare for their school. They are seniors at the pre-school level & so we treat them like the seniors. They are involved into various events & start taking responsibilities on their own. Though they are guided by their teachers | they handle the group activities with their friends. In other words | we force their inner voice & leadership skills to get into action.


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Daycare Freewings PreSchool serves the facility of daycare to age group of 1 years to 8 years. Daycare is typically an ongoing service during specific periods | such as the parents’ time at work. At Freewings Pre School kids will get many things to learn and also to play. We take care of every child with respect to their different needs. We are fastly gaining reputation as the Best Valued Daycare provider in Rahatani | Pimple Saudagar


Reviews / Experiences of Freewings Preschool parents:

Manjula Manjotra Nair reviewed Freewings PreSchool and Daycare— 5 star

February 15  Freewings Pre School is a very exciting place for kids and also conduct many parent / grandparents engagement fun activities

Sachin Srej reviewed Freewings Pre School and Daycare — 5 star

August 25 | 2016 · Before my daughters admission I was tense to chose good school | after several option I chosen Free Wings and fully satisfied with the way of there teaching format | Good school with good people!! Strongly recommend for Free Wings!!

Sooraj Pandey reviewed Freewings PreSchool and Daycare — 5 star

August 9 | 2016 ·  The best in the vicinity!! Team Anita has been putting a great show by hard work and dedication!!

Chetan Mane reviewed Freewings PreSchool and Daycare — 5 star

July 16 | 2016 ·  One of the best pre school in pimple saudagar. Definately recommended. . . No hype | no showing off. . . pure education nd activities to help kids’ development. . excellent staff. . .

Parents have shared their positive experience about Freewing Preschool | Daycare in Rahatani | Pimple Saudagar and appreciate that large open playground it has giving their kids a more holistic overall development.


FreeWings Premium Programs:

freewings-heleno-grady Preschool, Daycare in Rahatani, Pimple Saudagar – FreeWings | preschool, daycare in rahatani, pimple saudagar


Helen O’ Grady Speech and Drama Classes at Freewings PreSchool

The Helen O’Grady is a developmental drama system that has taken the world by storm. Founded in Australia in 1979 | the system is widely used in over 25 countries across the globe.

We at Freewings PreSchool offer year round classes to ensure your children have ample opportunity to participate without conflicting with other extra-curricular activities.

This programmes are specially designed for students from 3 to 17 years and encompass a huge body of developmental drama | which: Enhances Communication Skills | Increases energy and enthusiasm | Encourages listening and conversational skills | Promotes social skills | Stimulates creativity and concentration | Provides a platform for success in performing arts | Adds to confidence and self-esteem and Teaches presentation skills.

All our programmes are conducted by qualified Helen O’Grady teachers who undergo regular intensive training. All teachers are trained to develop personal rapport with each student | and our Academy Director attends classes regularly | to ensure that the highest standards are maintained.

Do you want your child to join the most popular drama academy which helps them to improve on their – Speaking | Learning Skills & Performance? Get your child registered for a course of Helen O’ Grady Speech & Drama Class today with us .

Age – 3 to 17 years
Duration – 1 Year
No. of Sessions in a Year – 30 | Once in a week
Batches on Friday and Saturday

Join us and see the dramatic difference in your child.

Teacher Training Courses at Freewings PreSchool

freewings-teachers-training-program Preschool, Daycare in Rahatani, Pimple Saudagar – FreeWings | preschool, daycare in rahatani, pimple saudagar


We at Freewings PreSchool offer teachers training courses (TTC). We are one of the few Teachers Training Centre in Rahatani | Pimple Saudagar

Duration – 6 Months

Course & Twice in a week
Practical training provided

Job – 100% Placement
Join us today. Your Dream Teaching Job is waiting right here for you.




Thank you. Welcome to the Spacious Preschool | Daycare in Rahatani | Pimple Saudagar – Freewings

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