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FireCrackers Handling/Use Safety Guidelines/Precautions:

Wish you all a Very Happy, Prosperous & Peaceful Diwali celebrations ahead.

Its time for fun with Fire Crackers, and so with it comes along is the safety of one and all.

In order to ensure that residents enjoy this Festive season safely, we request for your 2 minutes in reading below points and adhering to them:

Suggested Area for lighting fire crackers:

  1. a) Open space in front of Exit gate


Areas to be AVOIDED for lighting fire crackers:

  1. Use of Mini ground for lighting rockets and noisy crackers
  2. Area near to Gas banks
  3. Area near to Power Generators and Electrical installations
  4. Common terace of buildings
  5. Seating area.


Suggested Precautions to Parents/members lighting Firecrackers:

–  Parents to always accompany their kids while playing with fire crackers.

–  Keep a safe distance between yourself and the fire crackers while lighting them.

–  Preferably wear cotton clothings while celebrating fire crackers

–  Don’t drop used (hot) sparklers anywhere as they can burn someones feets. Get kids in proper footwear to avoid any kids from stepping on molten sparkler wires.

–  Don’t lit fire crackers behind someone’s back.

– Airborne crackers (rockets etc stuff) are to be used strictly from open area suggested above. Ensure you don’t point rockets facing towards Apostrophe buildings. We had some near misses last year and so be very cautious.

– CARE FOR OUR SENIORS. Refrain from exploding bombs n such sound crackers between 11pm – 7am

– And lastly, please please please avoid kids from playing with Crackers during daylight.

Guess we all know the risks associated with this.


Thanks again for your reading time and wish you a Bombastic Celebration Ahead.