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Ganesha Photo Contest Pimple Saudagar


                       GANESHA PHOTO CONTEST – 2018 PIMPLE SAUDAGAR

                           HURRY!! THE SUBMISSIONS FOR THE CONTEST CLOSES ON 24th SEP 2018.

However, photo submissions can continue to come even later for them to appear on our Ganesha Photos Gallery page.

Ganesha Photo Contest Pimple Saudagar | ganesha photo contest pimple saudagar

Shri Ganesha Photo Gallery Pimple Saudagar 2018
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Dear Pimple Saudagar Residents,

Wishing you ALL a very Happy, Blessed & jolly good Ganesha Festivities.

Here comes “Ganesha Photo Contest” segment for Pimple Saudagar Residents.

All Pimple Saudagar families with Ganesha at home, Societies and Mandals who have Ganesha idol at your place are welcomed to share your “Ganesha Pictures” which will gain a year long stay on our Ganesha Gallery 2018.

So what is “Ganesha Photo Contest” ?

We want Ganapati bappa to “Speak” for you, your family & friends on how much he adores you, appreciate all the beautiful decorations, celebrations, events that you have done lovingly for him.

Our Bappa with his gastronomical appetite also tells us how much he loves all the Laddos, Sweets, Prashad, Feasts that you all have prepared for him.

You simply share all of this via a beautiful pic of Bappa and his Decor OR simply Whatsapp the picture and a short brief at 8888658447.

Each and every Bappa submission will be presented on our “Ganesha  Pimple Saudagar Gallery – 2018” page at your Local Social & Community platform

The Best of Best elaborate submission will WIN…..

  • #1 prize – Rs.1000 voucher (MRP)(conditions apply).
  • #2 prize – Rs.500 voucher (MRP)(conditions apply).
  • #3 prize – Rs.300 voucher (MRP)(conditions apply).

Right Deal Gift Voucher For Ganesha Contest Ganesha Photo Contest Pimple Saudagar | ganesha photo contest pimple saudagar

Ganesha Photo Contest 2018 –

Term & Conditions:

  • Submissions from Pimple Saudagar residents are given first priority and will be taken for contest application. Other applications will still get a place on “Ganesha photo Gallery 2018”
  • By submitting you agree to give permission to post your Ganesha photo on our gallery and take part in the contest.
  • Submissions between 13th and 24th Sep will be participating in the Contest
  • Winners will be selected by our own internal Jurry team.
  • Announced Prizes from are redeemable in person at its physical store in Baner.
  • All participating Ganesha Postings will be hosted on Ganesha Photo Gallery 2018 at

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Submit Photos of Your Bappa


Name of the Society/Mandal/Home/Eco-friendly

Select Category

Area / Street Name

Contact No


Elaborate Your Decor

Upload Bappa Decor images*(Size:4mb)

Pimple Suadagar Community FAQ

Pimple Saudagar Resident Community FAQ – matters covering Accolades, local Happenings, Events, WizKids and neighbourhood buzz is covered here.

What is the purpose behind building Pimple Saudagar Community?

We believe in providing Pimple Saudagar Residents a platform where you can share neighbourhood events, activities, stories, appreciations, voice concerns etc. 
This makes it a great source of local community knowledge over time. We love to call as a Community Commerce platform, where you can get everything served in one plate.
Feel free to share Accolades, praise Local personalities, share local events, post about a Wiz Kid in town etc. 
It is the best way to raise your profile by sharing and caring about Pimple Saudagar Community.

How can I contribute to Pimple Saudagar Community?

You can share at local events happening in your neighbourhood, share accolades, some social videos etc. So by sharing knowledgeable & beneficial things you can contribute. At you can also post jobs available.

How can I share accolades on

Pimple Saudagar Residents can share their Praise and Accolades to the residents who serve and bring Pride to our Community.
Our goal is to continually Appreciate our residents who have done us proud in their field of work, sports, social cause, achievements and more. Kindly submit and share with us such appreciations. We all need to know the inspiration elements of these people so more Accolades can flow in.

Here is the link to share your accolades 

How can I share Local Personalities on

Wakad residents who are serving the society at large selflessly are worth a praise.
Highlighting such Personalities will encourage our youngsters to look at them as role models. 
Kindly share such personalities from Wakad neighborhood with us. 
Here is the link to share local personality

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