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Every local business needs Last Mile Local Digital Marketing presence. Marketing via JustDial or Sulekha is helping you only on google search ranking. But is that enough? What about Local Social Media visibility? The likes of JD, Sulekha are not helping Local Business offered products/services to reach Local customers via Local Social Media channel. Most of our customers today spend lot more time on Social Media platforms like FB, insta and more.

Content marketing is another crucial approach for local businesses to uplift your presence amongst local customers. When we say content marketing, we mean your featured article, your content rich directory listing / profile, your local events, discount coupons, social media posts and more. This too is not addressed by Justdial and Sulekha platforms.

Welcome to Smart Suburbs Local Digital Marketing Platforms: Pimple Saudagar Online Business Directory helps your business in local brand awareness and lead generation the most cost effective way. “Joh Dikta Hai voh Bikta Hai”.

Read / watch video below about our 12 features rich Paid Business Directory listing available at just Rs.3000 per year.

We also help our clients with all forms of Local Digital Marketing services covering Video Creation & Video Marketing, Facebook Ads, Social Media Optimisation, website development & optimisation, Google Ads, Creatives for your products & services, Google My Business creation and more.

How can Pimple Saudagar Directory Marketing platform help Local Pimple Saudagar Businesses?

Pimple Saudagar local marketing platform Pimple Saudagar Business Directory, Local Online Marketing, Digital Marketing | pimple saudagar

What do you get in Pimple Saudagar Business Directory Listing?


12 Benefits of listing Pimple Saudagar based local business on Pimple Saudagar Directory and local Digital Marketing platform (just Rs.3000 / year)


  • High in Google Ranking Top position in Directory
  • Micro Website with 4 pages of Biz info, Products & Services, Contact, FAQ n more…
  • We create your Paid Listing while you focus on Biz
  • Up to 20 pics of your  products or services
  • Google Direction Guidance Button for easy reach to your Biz address
  • Contact Form for Customers to reach you via email


  • FREE 1 Article / Story / Press Release relating to your Biz
  • FREE 2 Discount Coupons per year (you share us and we load it)
  • FREE 2 Events per year(you share us and we load it
  • 4 Facebook posts / year on our Pimple Saudagar Facebook page, 4 Facebook posts / year on our Pimple Saudagar Facebook Group
  • 4 Tweets / year on our Pimple Saudagar Twitter handle (eg: twitter.com / Pimple Saudagar_in)
  • 4 Insta posts / year on our Pimple Saudagar Instagram Account

Paid Listing Demo

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PS-directory Pimple Saudagar Business Directory, Local Online Marketing, Digital Marketing | pimple saudagar

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Scan and Pay

  • Limited Time Offer for Annual Paid Directory Listing: Rs.5000 for 1st year (includes Rs.2000 as setup fee)

  • 2nd year onwards annual Renewal fee of Rs.3000 per year.

  • PAY FOR 2 YEARS AND SAVE over 20% on 2nd Year: One-time fee of Rs.7000

  • Payment instructions – 1. Scan the Google Pay for Biz code of IPSense Consultancy Pvt Ltd (Smart Suburbs)  2. Make Payment  3. Kindly share the payment receipt to 8888658447. 

  • Kindly note: Paid Listing is Delivered within 5 days of all information provided by the client.

gpay scan code Pimple Saudagar Business Directory, Local Online Marketing, Digital Marketing | pimple saudagar


Pimple Saudagar Residents/Community - Share with Us

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Pimple Saudagar Residents Community portal:  https://community.smartsuburbs.in/group/pimplesaudagar

Welcome to Pune Residents Community Portal.

Your own platform to SHARE – CARE – VOICE – PARTICIPATE in matters relating to Community.

Smart Suburbs is happy to offer you your own community portal

A platform where residents from all walks of life (students, adults, parents, senior citizens and everyone) can use this space to better shape our neighbourhoods.

We are the local community platform to help our near & dear suburbs to share and grow. Individuals can reach their own locality and participate in discussions on topical issues.

Every community will have a Community Captain who will be rewarded with an Amazon voucher worth 1000INR for most active participation by end of the year. Most active users will also be recognised and rewarded for being active on our portal, participating in ongoing topics and sharing views.

Looking forward to everyone’s active participation.



What is Pimple Saudagar Business Directory, Events & Resident Portal all about? FAQ

Pimple Saudagar Directory FAQ

Pimple Saudagar Directory FAQ

Is PimpleSaudagar.in same as a search engine?

Yes. Businesses listed on Pimple Saudagar Biz Directory, do appear in Google search results when someone searches in Google for specific searches for Pimple Saudagar eg; “candy floss sellers in Pimple Saudagar” which will bring Candy Floss seller listed in PimpleSaudagar.in.

The beauty about PimpleSaudagar.in versus other national players is that you need to drill down from city to area before you can achieve local results. PimpleSaudagar.in also offers Free Events for a local community, Paid Events package for Event Organisers, Pimple Saudagar Jobs, FREE Community Postings,  Pimple Saudagar Bazaar, Pimple Saudagar dedicated guides for Property, Healthcare, Education & Financials services.

All of this information can also be found from google based searches. Thus, we do play a sub-set of a search engine function where quality local biz results relating to Pimple Saudagar can be found quickly.

What is Pimple Saudagar Business Local Directory all about?

An online local directory is a website that lists local businesses, usually within categories. These directories allow business owners to list their business, get their name in front of the customers, and give customers the information they need to contact the business. It also narrows the World Wide Web down to location-based communities and places and makes local businesses more accessible to the customers that use them.

Thus, Pimple Saudagar Biz Directory offers local businesses & residents a single local platform offering Local Businesses Directory, Local Events, Pimple Saudagar Education Guide, Pimple Saudagar Healthcare Guide, Pimple Saudagar Financial Services Guide, Local Coupons, find Jobs in Pimple Saudagar, local Online Bazaar.

The details provided in an online listing will vary from business to business and from directory to directory. Typical information includes:

  • The business name
  • Address
  • Telephone numbers
  • Product or service sold
  • Street/Area the business serves
  • Business offered Products & Services
  • Professional associations the business belongs to
  • Reviews, comments, and feedback (on some sites)
  • Business conducted Events / Jobs requirement

Why is it important that my business is listed in an online local directory?

According to a study conducted by Burke, 8 out of 10 shoppers will use an online directory to guide them in the direction of where to go for whatever product or service they are looking for.

Of that group, 8 out of 10 shoppers who used a directory to find what they needed will end up buying something now or in the future from the business they found within the directory.

This is why it’s so important to have your business listed in Pimple Saudagar online directory. If customers are already using online directories, they already have a need for your business or service. And if your business isn’t listed in an online directory, the chances are good that the competition will be, and customers will turn to them instead of you.

This is why it’s so important to be listed in online local directories – so customers can find you!