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Banner Ad On Top Of Pimple Saudagar Home Page

The Home page Top space is the ultra premium place of any website as it is exposed to almost each and every visitor to your website. We are giving Businesses this opportunity to place Slider Banner Ad on our home page. Slider Ads are those ones which you see taking the top rectangle space on the webpage and are at visitors eye position. We are offering this lucrative space for your advertisement. It’s a Billboard equivalent of Banner Ad, far bigger than side panel Ad and hence a most premium.

Online Ads are far more cheaper and yet far more effective when compared with print Ads as online Ads actually allow you to count and track the clicks compared with the ability to measure response to a street banner. There is a major shift happening in Advertising world with more and more businesses going full throttle on Online Advertisement. We bring you some very economical online advertising opportunity for your Biz Ad. They are a sure ROI winner!!


  • Your Biz Banner Ad will appear on the top of this website Home page.
  • Your Banner Ad gets the entire one year of exposure.
  • Your Slider Ad can be linked to your website or your Facebook page or your Premium Item Listing/ Webpage on this website.
  • The price is negotiable if the duration of Ad is less than 1 year.


Why is Insurance required?

Insurance in current times is your way to control risks. No Insurance means you take 100% risks. When insured, your risk is taken care by Insurance company.

Do I need to pay to post my listings on your site?

Yes, to get Professional Listing on Pimple Saudagar Healthcare Guide, you will pay just Rs.1000/year for Professional Doctor Listing charges. For Hospitals, we charge just Rs.3000/year. The Paid Listing offers you a large brand / service visibility. Call our Representative at 8329693840 or simply email us.

How a Pimple Saudagar based Doctor Clinic / Healthcare Business / Hospital REGISTER on Pimple Saudagar Healthcare Guide?

You can register by following these simple steps:-

Click Register my Healthcare Business

Fill all marked fields, submit the Register Now form.

You will receive an Email notification about your profile creation on

Your profile will be screened and activated within 24 hours; you can then access your account, add new information, edit information and other fields.